Graduate Alumni

Dr. Yanbing Liu

Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2016)
B.S. Physics Tsinghua University (2010)
Yanbing Liu pioneered the work on photonic bound states in the Houck lab and now is a quantitative researcher at Trade Link in Chicago.

Dr. Devin Underwood

Ph.D. Princeton University
B.S Physics and Mathematics University of Wisconsin- River Falls
Devin Underwood works on arrays of cQED elements for purposes of studying condensed matter physics with photons. He hales from frosty Alaska, and is known for... Read more about Devin Underwood

Dr. Gengyan Zhang

Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2018)
M.S Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2011)
B.S Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2008)
Gengyan became a member of the Houck Lab in 2011 after receiving his bachelor's and master's degree from Tsinghua University. Known in the group as the fab... Read more about Gengyan Zhang