Dr. Christie Chiu

Ph.D. 2019, Physics, Harvard
B.S. 2013, Physics and Applied Math, MIT
Christie is a Princeton Materials Science Postdoctoral Fellow exploring novel lattice geometries to study condensed matter systems with superconducting... Read more about Christie Chiu

Graduate Students


Parth Jatakia

B.Tech in Engineering Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2020)
M.Tech in Engineering Physics with specialization in Nanoscience, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2020)
Parth is a second year graduate student originating from Mumbai, India. He is currently working on developing architectures that protect qubit from... Read more about Parth Jatakia

Undergraduate Students

Post-Doc Alumni

Dr. Darius Sadri

Ph.D. Stanford University
Darius Sadri was postdoc in our group. He has a PhD from Stanford in string theory, did a postdoc in condensed matter theory, and is now learning to be a... Read more about Darius Sadri

Dr. Will Shanks

Ph.D. Yale University
Will E. "Coyote" Shanks was a post-doc in our lab. He earned his PhD at Yale measuring persistent currents in normal metal rings, and is now built a scanning... Read more about Will Shanks

Graduate Alumni

Dr. Gengyan Zhang

Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2018)
M.S Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2011)
B.S Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2008)
Gengyan became a member of the Houck Lab in 2011 after receiving his bachelor's and master's degree from Tsinghua University. Known in the group as the fab... Read more about Gengyan Zhang

Dr. Yanbing Liu

Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2016)
B.S. Physics Tsinghua University (2010)
Yanbing Liu pioneered the work on photonic bound states in the Houck lab and now is a quantitative researcher at Trade Link in Chicago.

Dr. Devin Underwood

Ph.D. Princeton University
B.S Physics and Mathematics University of Wisconsin- River Falls
Devin Underwood works on arrays of cQED elements for purposes of studying condensed matter physics with photons. He hales from frosty Alaska, and is known for... Read more about Devin Underwood

Undergraduate Alumni


Katherine Van Kirk

MASt Applied Mathematics ("Part III"), Cambridge University (2020)
B.S.H Engineering Physics, Stanford University (2019)
Katherine worked with the Houck group through the QURIP program (joint quantum research program between Princeton and IBM). Her work in the lab included (1)... Read more about Katherine Van Kirk

Debopriyo Biswas

BA Physics, Princeton University (2019)
Debo started working with the group in 2017 on circuit quantum electrodynamics. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland

Dr. Marius Constantin

Ph.D. Applied Physics, Yale University (2019)
B.A Physics, Princeton University (2014)

Marius was an undergraduate in the Houck Lab from 2013-2014 and worked on lattice circuit QED systems. He went on to become a graduate...

Read more about Marius Constantin

Tony Zhu

B.S.E Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2011)

Tony Zhu was an undergraduate in our group from 2010-2011. He worked on breaking time reveral symmetry in superconducting devices and,...

Read more about Tony Zhu

Zander Pease

A.B Physics, Princeton University (2012)
Alexander Pease was a senior in our research group. His senior thesis involved fabricating extremely low frequency cavities to look at strong coupling in a... Read more about Zander Pease

Dr. Arthur Safira

Ph.D Physics, Harvard University (2018)
M.A Computer Science, Harvard University (2015)
B.S Physics, Princeton University (2012)
Arthur Safira was a senior in his second year in our group, and worked on very large arrays of transmon qubits. He currently works as a hardware and software... Read more about Arthur Safira