Zander Pease

A.B Physics, Princeton University (2012)
Alexander Pease was a senior in our research group. His senior thesis involved fabricating extremely low frequency cavities to look at strong coupling in a... Read more about Zander Pease

Dr. James Raftery

Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2016)
M.A Electrical Engineering, Caltech (2018)
B.S.E Electrical Engineering, Princeton University (2006)
ames Raftery is a second year graduate student. He was a Princeton undergraduate, went to work for a few years, but just could not stay away. He returned to... Read more about James Raftery

Dr. Darius Sadri

Ph.D. Stanford University
Darius Sadri was postdoc in our group. He has a PhD from Stanford in string theory, did a postdoc in condensed matter theory, and is now learning to be a... Read more about Darius Sadri

Dr. Arthur Safira

Ph.D Physics, Harvard University (2018)
M.A Computer Science, Harvard University (2015)
B.S Physics, Princeton University (2012)
Arthur Safira was a senior in his second year in our group, and worked on very large arrays of transmon qubits. He currently works as a hardware and software... Read more about Arthur Safira

Dr. Will Shanks

Ph.D. Yale University
Will E. "Coyote" Shanks was a post-doc in our lab. He earned his PhD at Yale measuring persistent currents in normal metal rings, and is now built a scanning... Read more about Will Shanks

Dr. Devin Underwood

Ph.D. Princeton University
B.S Physics and Mathematics University of Wisconsin- River Falls
Devin Underwood works on arrays of cQED elements for purposes of studying condensed matter physics with photons. He hales from frosty Alaska, and is known for... Read more about Devin Underwood

Katherine Van Kirk

MASt Applied Mathematics ("Part III"), Cambridge University (2020)
B.S.H Engineering Physics, Stanford University (2019)
Katherine worked with the Houck group through the QURIP program (joint quantum research program between Princeton and IBM). Her work in the lab included (1)... Read more about Katherine Van Kirk