Debopriyo Biswas

BA Physics, Princeton University (2019)
Debo started working with the group in 2017 on circuit quantum electrodynamics. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland

Dr. Christie Chiu

Ph.D. 2019, Physics, Harvard
B.S. 2013, Physics and Applied Math, MIT
Christie is a Princeton Materials Science Postdoctoral Fellow exploring novel lattice geometries to study condensed matter systems with superconducting... Read more about Christie Chiu

Dr. Marius Constantin

Ph.D. Applied Physics, Yale University (2019)
B.A Physics, Princeton University (2014)

Marius was an undergraduate in the Houck Lab from 2013-2014 and worked on lattice circuit QED systems. He went on to become a graduate...

Read more about Marius Constantin